Here is the address and the contact number of our training centre in Tashkent, Uzbekistan.

Business Center “Poytaxt”
16 Sharof Rashidov Shoh ko’chasi,
Toshkent 100017
Phone: +998974776041, +998983387172
Metro Stations: “Mustaqillik station”

  • - TESOL/TEFL certificate
  • - Course books materials
  • - Tuition
  • - By cash
  • - Bank transfer
  • - Plastic card
  • - Debit/credit card

Late registrations-not applicable, Payments must be made until the 1st lesson of the program.


  • Bronze-from 10$ night
  • Premium-from 50-80$ night

Student residence

Close to the subway and bus stations. They all come with water, fridge, hot plate, bed and table. Linen is provided. Shower and toilet are included in each room. Student residences are completely self-sufficient. Prices start from 100$ to 200$ per month and include heat, water, electricity and internet. To apply for accommodation please complete an application form at or contact +998974776041, +998983387172

No Host family accommodation

The TEFL/TESOL trainers are internationally qualified, TESOL/CELTA certified pre-service and in-service teacher trainers with extended experience in International Context.

The course is a very intensive challenging and fun experience. There are part time and full time options for learners. The timetable for part time morning classes is from Monday until Friday starting from 09:00 am to 1:00 pm. The evening classes generally begin at 04:00 pm and finish around 08:00 pm. These timetables are adapted for local learners. However, we do have full time classes for foreigners. This class begins at 10:00 am and finish at 05:00 pm from Monday through Friday. There is a lunch break of one hour from 1:00-2:00 pm.

On average there are around 8-10 participants enrolled in TESOL/TEFL program. They come from different parts of the world. They are typically between the ages of 20 and 40 years old.

… Our practice students are adults, most of them are locals. They usually stay on from course to course and form good relationships with TESOL/TEFL trainees and staff. TESOL/TEFL participants’ practicum will be conducted on-site in an authentic setting.


Free Wi-Fi is available in “Poytaxt Business Center” for TESOL/TEFL learners.

Please watch your belongings of value at all times. Take them with you when you go out for lunch. There is no replacement for them if you leave them unattended anywhere on the building ground.

The job market in Tashkent Uzbekistan; teaching in Tashkent Uzbekistan; paperwork and documentation

We suggest you begin setting up interviews and sending resumes before your arrival in Tashkent Uzbekistan, and we can help you with this after you have submitted the balance of your course fee. You will immediately get your personal employment advisor who will start working with you, helping you to set up your resume and cover letter. There are lots of private English schools in Tashkent Uzbekistan and they have a high demand for English teachers.

We can give you a list of school web sites in Tashkent Uzbekistan and help you with resume and interview preparation. We give job placement assistance, but please note that TEFL/TESOL training institute does not guarantee its graduates employment in Tashkent Uzbekistan; as with any career, it is ultimately up to you.

The average salary in Tashkent Uzbekistan depends on the type of school or company you work for, and whether you work full or part-time.

If t varies from place to place

No, they don’t. There are schools and language centers that do this. For example, they will provide a room for you, either shared or single, probably in an apartment with other teachers. However, it varies from school to school.

It all depends on your level of determination. There is enough demand for qualified English teachers in private language centers and state institutions. Also, successful graduates with high level of IELTS score can also become an IELTS examiner.

Yes, they do, if you have a employment on contract basis

…under Uzbek labor law, a foreigner has to apply for and obtain a work permit in order to legally work in Uzbekistan and to renew business visas. The application needs to be submitted within a reasonable amount of time or you may be requested to leave Uzbekistan when your visa expires.

This may vary from school to school. It’s difficult to generalize. You may be expected to teach a variety of courses, ranging from children to business professionals at all levels, in groups or in private sessions.

Yes, you can. Upon completion of internationally recognized TESOL/TEFL Certificate program graduates usually find prospective employment in both private ESL schools and state schools ranging from pre-primary to tertiary level.

Questions about Tashkent; living in Uzbekistan.

Living in Uzbekistan – particularly in Tashkent – is not expensive compared to many other places in the World. Tashkent took the 58th place in the ranking of the best cities in the world to live, published by the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) of the authoritative British journal The Economist. The cost of living will of course depend on the individual situation (and tastes!) but you still need to be prepared financially. (About 300$-400$ a month) You may also check prices here

There are number of newspapers that are published weekly with apartments and rooms for rent. In addition, there are agents who deal with rental property. You can also look for temporary apartments at or

If you find yourself requiring medical attention, You can have medical services in hospitals and clinics with or without insurance.

Not mandatory

Tashkent has an excellent public transport system. The Subway and buses take you anywhere within the city.

Car - Any hotel or travel agency can arrange a comfortable private car and driver. You’ll pay less on the street taxi, depending on your negotiating skills and should rely on honesty of taxi driver. Most cars serve as impromptu taxis, so if you need a ride simply stand by the curb and put your hand out. Fares are typically US$3-4 depending on the length of the trip, but make sure you agree a price in advance.

Tashkent’s metro is the easiest way to get around. Tashkent's excellent metro runs from 5am to 12 in midnight and should be first choice when possible.

More information...

If you are coming in the winter month (November-March) bring plenty of sweaters, pants? Trousers, warm pajamas, a winter coat, gloves, scarves, etc. don’t forget your umbrella.

In summer, shorts and sandals are fine; however, always have a cardigan and light long pants available for sudden cool days.

With the exception of the citizens of Azerbaijan, Armenia, Belarus, Ukraine, Moldova, Russia, Georgia, Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan, everyone needs a visa to enter the Republic of Uzbekistan. Update: Since February 2018, citizens of Israel, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, South Korea and Turkey can also enter Uzbekistan visa-free!

You need to apply for this visa in advance. You can obtain one for 15 or 30 days. Be aware that the visa is date-specific. This means that you can only enter the country from the date you specified and that you have to leave the country before the end date on your visa.

Application form: you can download the official visa application form on Fill it in and print it out twice.

  • Valid passport
  • 2 passport-sized photos
  • Letter of Invitation (LOI): you can obtain an LOI through a specialized travel agency or via Depending on your citizenship, you’ll have to provide several documents (such as a letter of your employer). The prize of an LOI is between 90 USD and 160 USD and it takes about 7 to 10 days before you receive it, depending on where you apply for one.

The visa fees may differ based on your citizenship and where you apply. For most nationalities, a standard 15-day tourist visa costs 60 USD, a 30-day visa single-entry costs 90USD and a 30-day visa double-entry costs 100USD.

For more information about visa visit: